Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jenn's tales

From pillar to post, life has taken and molded me. From the geek aunt look to the mod me( this is how people around me describe me...not trying to be a narcissist ). And its always important to remember where you came from and feel privileged about the good things life has bestowed upon you. I feel humbled. And the not so good times, that are important as well, for a good check and to distinguish it from blissful memories. So much has changed and it will keep changing.

Jenn's tales, as I infer to it, I am glad she shared it. It just made me realize about the changes this place has brought in me. I just needed to hear it. So much she has changed based on the changes around her. I will make an effort to remember her words and her reality examples in life. Some things in life, so important to have, others, not so much. Life goes on....

New York : Check
Detachment: Work in progress