Sunday, March 29, 2009


This week had it all. From being sick to missing buses to disappointments to shocks to good news to good weather. To just so many things...

I am touched with a few things, don;t care about the rest.

Hope i feel bettaaaa soonnn...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

On that road...

which just keeps going, with places to stop, with no bounds and to this unknown destination it feels.

The sooner you accept things and learn to live with it the better it gets, yeah it does. No big deal types. Try that.

To this new angel, to her presence in my life, to the warmth and love she has brought to us, to the hope she has been and the smiles she has spread, bravo!

To the person, sooner or later, who proved herself, i love you even more:)

Pyaar dewana hota hai mastana hota hai, kar khushi se, har ghaam se, begana hota hai.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Do you?

Do you run from things that you don't quite like or do you face it?

Do you tend to hang on to things or do you make them crystal clear?

Do you still do the things you firmly decide you would refrain from?

Do you walk the roads you decide won't take you far?

Do you love when you know your not getting back any?

of saturday and sunday...

Phone Swaps.....reject lists.....ignore lists....

Home callings......H uncle.....good feel....

C again....hitting it so right.....on the right day.

I reached church.....thnkful:)

I just feel overwhelmed about the way things are rains drops......phata phat......all so many, all so fast...!!!

If you can't be grateful to people who have made you happy at some point of time, whats the use??

Whoever it is, whatever that time has done to you, good memos die hard, whats the point of killing them?

Meenal's bday was a blast, thnks to all who made it even special.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Speaking what you feel takes so much effort, i wish it were a little easy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

There is none left...


I don;t feel the same anymore...
I don't miss you like before....

I don't care like i did...
I don't love you;
and it feels just splendid!!

The line of the day....

"We've reached a point..i thought we would never
so im glad"

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunny Day

Today was a fairly good day, the sun shinning bright, my eyes were actually watery with the rays, so strong they were! Warm , warmer than expected!

Preps up for St. Patrick's Day all over! March Break! No Break right now for me though, i would still have to wait a while, not long though! Thats the best part!!!!!

Remi's so cute, i cant erase what she said to me, can;t imagine such a small kid telling me what my vacation would mean to her, its still stuck on my mindddd, i love you baby! I won't forget how you made use of the word "lucky". Shes an angel!

All i did today was work and surround myself with the top charts on the radio. It wasn't that bad, as long as the songs were groovy, it was good.

Ahh one more week down, still got lots to do.

Missed church today, I am sorry!

I think i was rude today to somebody, sorry again!

I just realised i haven't watched a TV episode in so long!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Glad i heard you, glad i had that convo with you, i feel so complete now, MA you just rock!!!

My computer doesn't want to start, i guess its something to do with the day!

I feel like God is punishing me...plz plz start!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Bday

Heartfelt wishes to my oldest friend on campus, yes its been three long years. Didn't know how they went by but they did.
I still remember that eco tutorial where i looked at you for the second time just to confirm you were the same person i'd seen the previous day.
I can't forget that walk in the library, two so different people yet they had something to talk about and thats where it all began.
Happy birthday to my only known UN representative all over CA. To my friend who can talk talk and just talk.
Thanks for being around, whenever you were.
God Bless!

M. U. - This one's for you

I am sure you would be so proud of me today, i know you would!

I feel like just talking to you right now, but i know your sleeping, so i won't wake you up.

I love you for just being the one who is responsible for making me feel what i feel, when I did what

I did today!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The rain...

Brings back good times....

Me standing at the door, watching the outside get flooded.

Watching the steps under water.

Riding with bloss on the bike the last time, on that crazy road, banged into kev:D:D....awwww, we were drained.

Playing carrom at ajins all day long coz our place was soaked:P Walking in water till my knees, running across the road to avoid getting wet:P

The sound of the rain drops hitting the window pane is something. Just a beautiful feeling!!!

I want that door again, how i wish!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Its strange how things fall into place after so much time and even strange how they get messed within a second.

New Blog

Felt like i needed a new space, my mind wanted it and here i come.

Just for random memories of memorable people in my life.

C leaves today,

Damn i'll miss you for whatever time it is.
I'll miss those talks, that fun, that mix of hindi and punjabi language.
I'll miss those instances, where you all of a sudden turn back.
I'll miss you screaming my name.
I'll miss those smiles:)
I'll miss those rides and those hugs.
I'll miss you.

Come back soon.

PS- hope you have the time of your life there.